The Finest Quality Crinolines in Three Levels of Fullness

Crinoline Product Features
White Clover crinolines are carefully designed using elements that will enhance the gown and provide comfort for the wearer. The following high-quality features are shared across all of our crinoline models.

  1. Wide elastic/velcro wasitband for a snug fit. Comfortably adjusts from 24-38 inches to fit dress sizes 4-24. Our secure-fitting "One Size Fits Most" waist closure is designed to reduce customer confusion about sizes without any sacrifice to function.

  2. A nylon taffeta outer layer to protect the interior of the gown. We use an extra soft taffeta to avoid the "crunchy" feel of lesser crinolines. Outer layer is hemmed with lace for an extra touch of elegance.

  3. A single smooth outer layer of tulle to provide an even silhouette around the entire crinoline.

  4. A gathered layer of tulle, sewn in multiple rings for fullness that never flattens. This is the layer that provides the fullness in our crinolines and varies substantially between the three levels of fullness.

  5. An inner layer of extra soft taffeta to provide comfort for the wearer.

More on Our Closure Method

The waist closure on White Clover crinolines uses a wide 3cm (1.17 inch) elastic band and a full 6 inches of velcro. The wide elastic ensures a snug fit. The long velcro ensures that smaller sizes will not have any part of the strap dangling freely, and larger sizes will have enough velcro for a secure hold.