Adjustable Silhouette Hoop Skirt #WC-H1

Adjustable Silhouette Hoop Skirt #WC-H1
Adjustable Silhouette Hoop Skirt #WC-H1
Item# WC-H1

Product Description

The Adjustable Silhouette Hoop Skirt is designed to support the weight of heavier gowns or very full silhouettes, as is desired on ball gowns. It is also ideal for hot climates, allowing for some "breathing room" under the gown.

3 steel adjustable hoops provide the fullness and contour of your choice -- from a "bell" shape to a flair to a straight a-line.


  • One Size Fits Most. Designed to fit sizes 4-18.
  • Waist closure circumference: adjustable 24-36 inches.
  • Maximum diameter at base: 42 inches
  • Diagonal length of outer taffeta (from waistband to hem): 40.5 inches
  • Vertical length (from top of waistband to hem): 39 inches
  • Due to the inexact nature of fabric, measurements are approximate.


  • Elastic/velcro wasitband for a snug fit. 3cm (1.18 inches) wide elastic band and 6 inches to velcro.
  • An extra soft nylon taffeta outer layer to protect the interior of the gown
  • One smooth outer layer to hide hoops and provide an even silhouette